Meliyart Graphik

Melissa aka "Meliyart Graphik" is a charming young woman. It’s undeniable that she is very talented. She spent her childhood in Martinique, and moved to Paris, where her slender silhouette allowed her to make her first steps into modelling and campaigns for great jewelers. In her professional sphere she seeks for a human and visual aspect. "Getting dressed in a grotesque way is a role play," she said. Her experience in fashion allowed her to develop her "eye" as well as her aesthetics and values ​​too.

You have probably seen her works. Often women, African women, not quite real not entirely imaginary.
Digital women in an unreal world, adorned with jewelery, headwraps and ornaments.
Currently, Meliyart is in the lights, work on reprocutions on Photoshop. She enlighthens her creations with soft and golden lights. Her knowledge of Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator enables her adapt according to her inspiration, to complete graphic looks for websites, logos, posters, flyers and album covers.

Her professional modeling experience allows her to swing from one universe to another and this quality, paired up with a rich imagination, a keen eye for details and staging make of her an original and compelling artistic director with a smooth fashion sensitiveness. Meliyart is foremost a universe, that of rebirth.
One of her inspirations is the Dutch artist Ingrid Baars who also inspired herself from this period to stage the African art. Meliyart goes the other way round, she inspires herself from art to create an African renaissance. "I like the fact of starting from an original idea to a visual and aesthetic content. "For me, digital art is a palette to put all my skills together. I like my creations to tell stories, especially the forgotten myths. I have a slight preference for anything that evokes the African mythology "

The historian Rene Remond pointed out that what characterizes Renaissance is "the emergence of new ways of disseminating information, and publicly recognising the antique culture (literature, arts, techniques) and the changing in the representation of the world ...
"Meliyart seeks above all to reclaim her roots. " As an Afro-descendant, I need the deep roots of a culture that goes to the bottom of things. A culture around the icons and tales. I've always been interested in animism. It is one of the major points in the various African cultures, "Mami Wata" for example is represented in different names and forms throughout the world ".

Melissa works on a modern approach to these representations, by recreating a pantheon of modern African icons. She comes across techniques to attract the eye and enhance this dreamlike world. There is a renaissance, antique Roman and antique Egyptian. " Of course I like the Dutch visual artist Ingrid Baars, as well as photographers, like David La Chapelle and Tim Walker for staging or Paul Sika for showcasing his culture. "Today his priority is to foresee the future and develop a second career as a graphic Artistic Director, but also as a full-fledged artist, on prints, and other media : fabric, packaging ... Meliyart is already a full-fledged artist due to her distinctive universe, her attention to details and her sharp-eye. She is multiplying her collaborations and is more and more requested by brands who appreciate her "Touch". Meanwhile she is laying out an exhibition to come in 2014: "Origins" which will enable her to show her latest creations, more rooted, more committed. Token of evolution, One can now recognize her graphic print, proof that she eventually found her way.
To be continued ...

Il n'y a rien d'afficher pour le moment.